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We offer standard staging services to meet all residential real estate needs in Metro-Atlanta's diverse market. We take into consideration the buyer demographic and the architecture of each space. We do not offer cookie-cutter packages. All estimates are complimentary and good for 10 days.

Occupied Consultation

When a property is being lived in while on the market, an Occupied Consultation is available.  Our goal is to provide the best plan for buyers to see your home as valuable while helping you maintain a comfortable lifestyle while it is on the market. We walk room by room and cover floors, walls, ceilings and surfaces.

from $325 - $595

Quality and attention to detail! That is

Vacant Staging

Most buyers can not imagine how to live in a vacant property. Many times too, vacant spaces feel smaller when empty.  Furnishing an empty property not only helps buyers visualize its potential, it also minimizes the negatives. A staged vacant creates value and helps the buyer emotionally connect. We make sure your investment in staging offers marketable and measurable results.

key rooms starting at $2000*

up to 3 month term

Staging can be sexy too!_#sexystaging #a

Occupied Staging

Often when a homeowner is preparing their property for the market, they ask us to come in to give it an updated feeling using as much of their existing furnishings. In the event new items are needed, we can purchase the necessary items or rent them for a reasonable fee.

starts at $129.00 per hour

2, stagers, 3 hour minimum

SOLD! In THREE HOURS on the market! _Occ

Luxury \ Luxe

Lifestyle is very important. Our high-end properties sell 40% faster than un-staged competition. We tell a story that engages the luxury buyer and evokes positive memories and feelings. We use new furnishings and all items are available for resale, should the buyer want to purchase staged items.

key rooms starting at $8,000 ~ 1.5% of list price

up to 4 months term


Other services we offer, not listed above: Short-term  Rental Staging, Model Home Staging, Seasonal Decorating, and Color Consultation.

*Investor discounts may apply if member of local REIA.

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