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Top 3 Reasons to Stage Your Atlanta Home

  1. The Atlanta Market is a seller's market in most hyper-local areas. This means that in special local areas ALL over ATL there are more buyers than there is inventory available. Staging first, great photos and an Agent that understands how to market well, will help you make MORE MONEY. It's almost a full guarantee that if you invest in preparing your home properly for the market, you will the best return. It is an exciting time for our area for Investors, Sellers and Listing Agents, where we are seeing home values rise higher than before the downfall in 2008.

  2. Buyer's are educated. Online presence and social media and savvy buyers are well informed to what is available. Almost 100% of those looking for homes, know there are fewer properties available and are looking for the best fit and fast. Homes can be the competition or they can sell it. Making sure your home grabs the right buyers will, again, help you sell faster and for MORE MONEY.

  3. Expectations are set! HGTV has set the expectations for us to walk into that emotionally and aesthetically satisfying home. Oprah has given us the expression of "Ah Ha" moments. Whether we personally need to experience a home at it's optimal "perfection", we do not want our buyers to feel deflated and encounter a lackluster instant walking through the front door. We want them to fall in love with your property! People are willing to pay MORE MONEY when they feel the value. Staging creates that value.

Whether your home is traditional, transitional, modern, large or small, or even at a luxury price point, we can can help you make MORE MONEY. Our 13 years experience has allowed us to build amazing relationships with credible and reliable resources and colleagues. So, ASK FOR STAGING and ask for MORE!

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