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Tip: Hire An Agent that Pays for Staging!

A Professional Home Stager has tapped into specific knowledge of local and hyper-local market trends and resources to ensure all areas of the home are showcased in a manner that merchandises a listing, allowing buyers to experience the greatest value and potential possible.

Often times inexperienced Agents will haphazzardly source a Stager solely based on price or they are trying to list in a hurry. Usually a hobbyist is called in, under charging and under performing to meet these criteria. A hobbyist stager is one that has likely been told they can decorate and starts staging without any training. Unfortunately, this has hurt the real estate staging market, because it undercuts the value professional staging brings to the table. At the end of the day, it is all about the money and the buyer's perception.

An experienced Agent that has a PRO-Stager on her team understands time is money and the price of doing it right the first time. They aren't rushing to find the best price, they know the PRO will do it right, the listing will shine and sell faster. If you are needing a PRO-Stager, we have several Agents that we work with that PAY for staging. We make it easy to ASK FOR STAGING!

Why We Are PROS:

  • Training - We have trained with one of the TOP Home Staging Training Companies in the World and has received the highest level as Master Stager available.

  • Trends - We stay current on ALL trends from year to year. This includes color, tiles, textiles, metals and more. We know what buyers want.

  • DOM - We have an average 12 DOM during normal market situations. During COVID-19, we have sustained a 16 DOM average for most price points. However, we have a 4 DOM average right now for luxury properties in metro Atlanta.

  • Portfolio - Our work is represented in the professional photography of the homes we have staged.

  • Transparency - Our contract and pricing is up front. We try to communicate all expectations effectively so our clients have complete confidence in all we do. We aren't the cheapest, but we aren't the most expensive either. We have fair pricing that works for your listing's unique needs.

  • Understands Demographics - THIS IS A BIG ONE!!! We do not stage the same ever. Every home we stage is intended to attract the most likely buyer. We still make it neutral enough for any type of buyer, but through an understanding of communities, amenities and economic factors found through census information, education and communication with sellers and Agents, we know there is an ideal buyer for every home.

  • Insured - We protect ourselves and our clients assets.

  • Bonus - We are ACTIVELY involved in our industry. We help mentor, train, encourage and expand the home staging industry locally but also nationally. We are members in good standing in all three major associations. IAHSP, HSRA and RESA.

Reminder: If are looking for an excellent Agent and need to stage a Vacant or Occupied property, we can connect you with one that will PAY for it, whether your property is $100K or over $1M. Contact us directly via text at 678-978-1377, VM at 678-951-0010 or email at

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