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Shhh...Secret Tips Staging Pros Do

(1) Know the Target Demographic! Many Agents and hobbyist stagers may make recommendations that compliment a broader audience, but it has proven that when the home is staged for the mostly likely buyer, not just any buyer, the home actually sells faster. This can be done by using census information, driving through a neighborhood or asking questions to the Seller and Agent on what is the buyer trend.

(2) Use Psycho-graphic Props! Most stagers use accessories but pros use props as well. A prop can be a puzzle on a coffee table, mugs with a french press on an island or even hat boxes in a closet. Props can be used in every space when staging and understand which ones tell the story that will educate the buyer on how best to experience a space is a key factor in helping them emotionally connect. (Picture on right, a cookbook and pot is a prop.)

(3) Keep Colors Consistent! Professional stagers use color throughout the house. Color is critical in controlling the buyer's eye and moving around a space. Repeating two or three colors in a home creates continuity and feels inviting. Color Mapping is the 60/30/10 plan we use at Ask For Staging. The 60% is the largest color like wall or flooring. 30% is the next most common

color and 10% is the pop that should be used minimally. (In sample above, the 60% is the wall color, the 30% is the wood floor and desk and the 10% is the blue in the space.)

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