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January is the NEW Spring

When it comes to getting your home ready for the market, waiting til April could leave money on the table. January is the best time to get started and possibly even listed. With the holidays past, people start looking again for their new home. In January, there is less inventory and more buyers. This can allow your listing to sell faster and possibly with more offers. Preparation and Showcasing is the magic formula we call STAGING.

Where to prioritize Preparation? There are three things buyers look for first that makes a huge difference: (1) Fresh Paint - keep colors light, neutral and clean. (2) Updated flooring - keeping on trend is plan A but if new flooring isn't an option, make sure it is cleaned well and in good condition. (3) Plenty of Storage - this means reducing items, de-cluttering and giving the home a since of space that buyer's can "grow" into.

How can Showcasing make a difference? Showcasing is the side of staging where we design the space with the use of furniture, art, lighting, textiles, etc. These elements add to the character and warmth of the space and should also compliment the buyer type*. The location of the furniture should highlight function, flow and features. Rooms should be showcased as they type of room they were designed to originally be. IE, a dining room should be a dining room, not a play room or office.

Ask For Staging! When you have a professional Stager on your team, they can give you a list of recommendations that will bring you the most money and save you money when selling. We would love to be on your team. As a member of your team, we commit to the following:

  • We See Your Home Through the Buyer's Perspective

  • Our Plan Makes Selling Less Stressful

  • Online Presence Will Draw More Buyers In

  • We Create the Perception of Higher Value

  • Sell Your Home Faster and Often for More Money

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