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It's a Little Crooked...the Art of Hanging Art.

The Art of Hanging Art is Truly an Art. Here are some great tips:

57 inches...yes, far too often I come into homes hung by Hagrid from Harry Potter. Art is almost at the ceiling, causing one to almost break their neck to appreciate it. Well, we need to bring that down a bit. The MIDDLE of the art should be 57 inches up from the floor.

There are always exceptions, like art over beds and sofas, etc. I usually measure those exceptions, 4 to 8 inches higher then the back of the furniture piece pending on the size of the art.

Also, oversized art is an exception too. It should be hung so the middle of the art is in the middle of the wall measuring from floor to ceiling.

Use a leveler before and after hanging art to make sure it is not crooked. If I am ever a guest in your home, lol, I won't judge anything but I will straighten your art. Wink:Wink

For more picture hanging tips, check out this article from shutterfly:

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