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How Can YouTube Be Your BFF?

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

When getting your home ready for the market, there are so many resources available to help you do it economically and fast. I consider myself to be a hands on, mechanical kind of person. I enjoy taking on projects around the house and with my vehicle, because I know there is a YouTube video available to help me walk through each task.

Things to do that may not require a professional:

  • Replacing a faucet washer that may be dripping.

  • Adjusting the chain in the toilet to stop it from running non-stop.

  • Removing dated wallpaper.

  • Painting ceilings and awkward areas.

  • Replace tile in the mudroom.

There are so many videos available that will teach you things you can do to save you time and money when preparing your home for the market. The most important reminder is never assuming your house is perfect. If there are things that you have avoided repairing, buyers surely do not want to do it either.

PS. When to Call a Professional? I do recommend hiring a professional for electrical work or anything that could cause a fire or electrocution. AND I recommend contacting Ask For Staging for a custom assessment of what you need to attract the right buyers.

Stay safe and happy selling.

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